Star-Crossed Lovers

A really great love story should always include passion, tragedy and freewill to love.  And the Titanic includes each of these elements.  It could be understood that the Titanic is a story about a shipwreck but the true story is of love and love lost.

Caught in a relationship that isn’t to her own avail, Rose (the central character), has a torn heart when she meets Jack, a young man that is well below her social status.  While in love, she couldn’t possibly admit this love because she would become a disgrace to her fiancé and her parents. However, love (or lust), prevails and the movie tells the tale of a commitment to what is true.  The Titanic is a story of star-crossed lovers, a tale of a Romeo and Juliet, and a lifelong commitment to romance.

When two people from opposite socially-economic worlds fall in love, society frowns upon these lovers and often times passes judgment.  But when a life or death situation ensues, how strongly can love create courage and the bravery to love?